The High Cost of Low Life

by Wiretap

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Intro 01:11
"The less that you know, the more sound you sleep." I've been sick to my stomach, I can't fucking eat.
Pounding 00:58
I'm pounding the walls, until my knuckles bleed. I'm screaming at the top of my lungs but no one can hear me. Feeling the world Weighing down on me And all I have Is this rage Struggle in a world of shit and day by day (The violence stays) day by day I struggle to keep it in my head
Turn Tail 02:20
fair weather friends more like steadfast foes I've grown weary of your false virtues your true colors are in plain view what more could I say to you? Run in circles can never hide Stick to the shadows And writhe Everyone can see you running away tail between your legs
NFAC 01:14
When I grow old, I'll look back on my life, and blow my brains out. I won't waste time lamenting what could have been or what should be.
Oppenheimer 02:57
I have blood on my hands, I manifested my fear. "I'm not going to hell, I've been here for years." These fucking affairs are hard on the heart, nothing ever "ends." These fucking affairs are hard on the heart, and nothing simply "ends." In sleep, in confusion, the depths of shame, the good deeds a man has defend him.
Sinking 00:52
You work and you bleed, for something- you desire. Once you have it, you hate it. Live to be incomplete.
Charlie 00:11
Did I kill? "Did I kill anyone?" Did I kill? "Did I kill anyone?"
Locked Out 01:03
Thought I could outrun this stark fucking weather, but what I've got in my head is not something that "gets better." You see, I can't hear angels anymore. I'm not sure. If they're still there. All i'm left with is Anguish. Since the demon moved upstairs.
Nosferatu 01:54
everyone lives, as everyone dies. never take the time, to look up at the sky. stare into the sun, burning out their eyes. everyone lives, while everyone dies. (breathe without air?) (live a lie.) (create a trap) (try to catch the sky.) Your hubris blinds your sight. Live forever (hate forever) Live forever (hate forever)


released July 23, 2014


all rights reserved



Wiretap Winchester, Virginia

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